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Parking / Access

Hastingwood Trading Estate is located in North London - an area plagued by inadequate parking, traffic congestion, and inconsiderate drivers who react to the problems of using vehicles by abusing the rights of others. Do we suffer from this? Yes, to some extent. Are we better than most? Definitely. Why? Read on.

There are very few brand new industrial developments in the area and hence modern planning standards and design guidelines have little relevance. At Hastingwood Trading Estate, we made the conscious decision when redeveloping the site some 30 years ago to demolish potentially valuable buildings so as to increase the parking and circulation space. Subsequently we purchased more freehold land for the sole purpose of adding parking space. We have also done more demolition since. The beneficial effect of all this is best appreciated by driving around the Hastingwood Estate and comparing it with almost any other Estate in the area.

We are also aware of the day to day problems caused by tenants competing for loading and access space near their Units, and therefore roller shutter doors and loading bays have been carefully positioned to avoid these conflicts. Regrettably, we also have to discriminate against prospective tenants whose businesses demand external storage or excessive parking.

Wide roads for easy access

Large car and truck parks

Convenient parking


There are 3 large Car parking areas and a Lorry Park in addition to the distributed parking spaces provided at each unit. Overall, there is provision for over 300 cars and up to 30 lorries although at any time the actual number of vehicles on site exceeds this as tenants use their own loading areas for parking.

Management Scheme

Parking has to be managed and controlled. We have obtained considerable operating experience and learnt which management schemes work well and fairly. We operate a permit system. Most Spaces are allocated to individual Units, broadly speaking in proportion to the area occupied. Typically, a unit of say 1200 sf would have 2 dedicated spaces plus the area in front of their roller shutter entrance. Others are reserved for Visitors. A number are held back and made available for renting to Tenants whose needs are a priority.

Daily Estate Management

Site Traffic and Parking are both monitored by Security and other Staff using the CCTV system, and appropriate action taken to prevent or deal with problems as and when they occur.

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